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TGMsgBox crashes when exiting python shell

Yes, thank you very much.

Did you close the TGMsgBox before exit the shell?

Yes, without clicking “Dismiss” it is not easy to exit the shell.

OK, thanks (just trying to understand…)

Yes, of course. I still suspect this could be something on my side, but I am not sure how to find it.

I don’t think so. The GUI classes are a bit special, since it involves the Window Manager, which is asynchronous (and that might be the issue)… BTW, which OS are you working on?

OK, so after checking with our PyROOT expert (@etejedor) we will have to investigate to find a proper solution for this particular kind of issue. For the time being, just use the workaround @etejedor gave you (SetOwnership(test_box, False))