TGeoVolume and scale transformations

I cannot seem to get scaling transformations to work correctly with
TGeoVolume::AddNode. I have attached a small macro that draws two tube
segments inside a top-level box. I would have expected the blue segment
to be 5 times as large, but they are the same size.
I notice that the online documentation for TGeoScale says that it is not
fully implemented yet. Does that mean that scaling does not work yet? I
am using version 3.10.01 on a Redhat 8.0 x86 box.

tubes.C (1.05 KB)

Hi Gora,

Indeed, scaling transformations are there but they do not work yet. In fact what is missing is the computation of master<->local conversions when having scales (classes TGeoScale and TGeoGenTrans). There are few technical problems for implementing that since the treatment of such transformations during navigation is different. It will probably still take some time before having them working :frowning: