TBrowser not showing on debian 11


After compiling root 5.30 patches on debian 11 the build is ok but TBrowser does not open.

Other X11 apps are ok of course. The root splash also shows up correctly.

Please advice,

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The output suggests that you built ROOT 5 so that it should be installed in “system directories”. So, check if you installed it (e.g., check if the “/etc/root” directory exists).


Thanks, yes it does. Was not user accessible so I had to adjust with chmod a+rx /etc/root

Also noticed that the tbrower opens if root is started as root but not otherwise…

Any hint?

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I recommend uninstalling the current ROOT 5 built and then installing it using the "ROOTSYS plus configure based method". If you do not want to use “configure”, you can also build it using the newer “CMake based method”, of course.

Hi @taratata ,
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ROOT 5 is unsupported (except for extremely critical fixes) and there is no guarantee it will work fine on new platforms such as Debian 11.

I would strongly suggest to move to ROOT 6 if that’s at all possible.


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