ROOT Support for HiDPI displays under linux

I’ve been looking for a way to easily configure ROOT for modern high-resolution monitors (4K or 5K), as one of my primary monitors is a Dell UP2715K (5120x2880) hooked up to a computer running Ubuntu. I was hoping there would be an easy way to configure this so that the ROOT interface would look similar to how it looks when operating under Mac OS X (though I understand the rendering path is different). Could you please let me know if this is possible, and if so how to do it?

Thanks a lot in advance and sorry if I missed any previous occurrence of the same question (I looked for it, but could not find anything relevant which would completely solve the issue)

Well, I have no experience, and I can’t try, but this may already help: GUI dpi scaling?

Cheersd, Bertrand.

On Mac with Retina (High Def) display I have no problem with the Cocoa version and the X11 version of ROOT. The rendering is fine in both cases. On Ubuntu you are running the X11 version . I guess some setting external to ROOT should be applied… but I do not know about it. If you find something the solution is very welcome.