ROOT master compile error on MacOS

Dear experts,
I am testing an open pull request in ROOT and i want to compile the master branch on my laptop. Specifics in attachment

The error i get is in the attached text file. I know i could modify some stuff in the way i compile it, however i am not sure what to change given the error i get.

MacOs_ROOT_master_Compile_Error.txt (720.1 KB)

_ROOT Version: master
_Platform: Mac Os BigSur 11.5.1 (20G80) , Intel i7
Compiler: Not Provided

Looks that my error is similar to


Indeed. I guess that just for testing code in a branch related to a pull-request, the more sensible approach (which is actually suggested in the mentioned forum thread) would be to add -Druntime_cxxmodules=OFF to the cmake command line, i.e.

$ cmake -Druntime_cxxmodules=OFF ... /path/to/source/dir
$ # run make (or ninja, etc.)


Yes, AFAIK, this is still an issue in ROOT, and we have to keep that option off still with the MacPorts builds. would be nice if it were addressed at some point.

(Please open an issue at if it was not done already)

I think everything you need to know is in the original issue I submitted a while back.

The flag for cmake -Druntime_cxxmodules=OFF worked fine indeed, thanks a lot.

@Axel @vvassilev FYI

My search-foo fails on me: could you provide a link to the issue, please? I remember I commented (like "what is /opt/local/include/unctrl.h and why is that incompatible with ncurses.h from the macOS SDK?) but I cannot find it back…

Oh I guess with “issue” you were just referring to V6.22.00 build error on MacOS right? If so, we’re still waiting for someone who can reproduce this error to provide us with this:

@jonesc, could you run the invocation of rootcling with -v4 and paste the output?

Please respond here

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