ROOT 6 on Centos6.7

referring to this thread

it has been stated that Root 6 should not work with devtoolset in Centos6,
but then I have a question, why in
you still suggest to use it ?
If it is only matter of this std::string “bug” inside the cling interpreter,
I would not so much bother…
In my Centos6.7 I have compiled Root6 6.04/08 with gcc.4.9.1 from devtoolset-3 as suggested in the prerequisites, then If I have to use the std library I usually compile my code, and this std::string issue does not appears…
So other than this, are there some strong objection to not use devtoolset to compile root 6?


Hi Alfio,

thanks for spotting the reference in the build prerequisites. The reference post is the one you cite by Axel: How to build ROOT 6 on Scientific Linux
I am glad to read that the system is working for you. If problems are encountered, a full compiler installation is the first thing to try.