ROOT 5 to 6 scripting issue

Please help me. I don’t know why I can’t use if_function in my code in root 6.CPviolation_vac_compare.C (5.5 KB)

Always try to pre-compile your source code using ACLiC (the compiler will find many possible source code bugs) …
root [0] .L CPviolation_vac_compare.C++

In your current macro, you need to change (at least):

  // ...
  void CPviolation_vac_compare(){
   TGraph *pGraphMu2ea = 0;
   TGraph *pGraphMu2eb = 0;
   // ...
   pGraphMu2ea = new TGraph(nEnStep, pEne, pProb);
   // ...
   pGraphMu2eb = new TGraph(nEnStep, pEne, pProb);
   // ...

Thank you. In my code, I want to draw both pGraphMu2ea(myEne = 0,6 and myBaseL=295) and pGraphMu2eb(myEne = 2 and myBaseL = 810) on the same graph. If I use if_function as in my code, I can run it in root 5. But I can’t use this one in root 6.

This I don’t believe. Your “myEne” and “myBaseL” are left uninitialized.

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