Roofit tutorial macros crash (include path)

Dear Roofitters,

I’m trying to run the tutorials for the RooEfficiency fitting (rf701_efficiencyfit.C) to try and reproduce a problem that I am having [1]. I’m using version ROOT 5.32/03 (tags/v5-32-03@44194, May 09 2012, 13:00:14 on macosx64).

However, when I

. bin/
>> .x rf701_efficiencyfit.C

I get:

Error: cannot open file "RooRealVar.h"  rf701_efficiencyfit.C:17:
*** Interpreter error recovered ***

I’ve tried monkeying around with the .include paths:

root [1] .include /Applications/root/roofit/inc
root [2] .include /Applications/root/roofitcore/inc

but this does not help. I can’t seem to get any of the tutorials working. Any advice?


[1] RooCategory in RooMCStudy