Question Re: Canvas and Axis Aspect Ratios

If I make a TCanvas with one of the “form” constructors that gives a 500x500 pixel canvas (or if I manually make one with the same width and height), and the X and Y axis ranges are equal (say -1 to 1), then does the area of the graph have a 1:1 aspect ratio like the canvas?

I.e. are the left, right, top, and bottom margins automatically equal in pixel width by default? I would like some way to ensure that the axes of the plot have a fixed aspect (in my case I require 1:1), but I am not sure if this aspect is always the same as the canvas aspect.

Thanks for any clarifications,

The size you specified when you create a TCanvas take into account the windows decoration also.
See the comment here:

With the code above, the axes aspect ratio is not exactly the same as the canvas aspect ratio (even after subtracting borders).

For setting exact axes aspect ratio setting, see this post