qtRoot and Qt V4.7.0 with qtCreator 2.01

I’m working on a new project that requires qt 4.7. It seems that the documentation describing the integration of qtRoot with Qt refers to Qt V3.
It actually states, verbatim,

Is there any ongoing plan to provide such a documentation soon ? If so, is there already available some hint on how to proceed to integrate root canvases in a Qt-based application?

Thanks, Dario

The TQtWidget class is a full-fledged regular QWidget doc.trolltech.com/4.7/qwidget.html
It should be enough to integrate the TQtWidget into any Qt4-application. There is no special step / approach / method beyond what is already described by Qt documentation.
See: doc.trolltech.com/4.7/designer-u … ng-widgets
Qt Designer: adding TQtWidget

The QtRoot distribution kit that is available to download from root.bnl.gov/QtRoot/How2Install4Unix.html ) includes the bunch of the short working “HelloWorld”-level examples covering all known use cases.
Please download the kit, build and run the examples.
What about the formal documentation. As far as I know the person who tested and documented the Qt layer at CERN, namely, Ilka Antcheva, left the project. I am not aware whether anybody else took over her role as far as Qt layer is concern.
Have you any concrete question / trouble / obstacle ?
Please join the lists.bnl.gov/mailman/listinfo/qt-root-l . You are welcome .