pyROOT and RDataFrame Take

Hi all,

I have come across an issue i can solve with a ROOT macro but not in pyROOT.

I basically have a TTree storing branches as :

 FT_true_x       = (vector<float>*)0x7fb8c6e4a840
 FT_true_z       = (vector<float>*)0x7fb8c6e4ac20
 FT_true_y       = (vector<float>*)0x7fb8c6e4b090
 FT_true_dxdy    = (vector<float>*)0x7fb8c6e4b540
 FT_true_dzdy    = (vector<float>*)0x7fb8c6e4b980

And i want to Take the column.
In C++ all works fine defining Take<vector<float>>("FT_true_z")
I wonder what is the pythonic way of doing it and if it exists.


From Python, can you try df.Take('std::vector<float>')('FT_true_z') ?

Yes i give it a try, btw, the AsNumpy() worked fine, so there should be something along templating methods and inferring types going on with pyROOT.

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