Puzzled by the new ROOT 6.22 release idea

Dear ROOT developers,

I must admit I don’t understand your decision to officially release a minor version, ROOT 6.22, which is completely broken in an aspect important to some. You mention yourselves in the release notes the fact that GUIs from PyROOT can’t be created anymore, which is for some a critical incompatibility, yet you proceed to make an official release with only a minor number change.

When you’ve changed the major number 5 to 6, the information about incompatibilities was all over the place. Now, one has to dig deep into release notes to know that he can’t upgrade ROOT for who knows how long (or perhaps needs to use special flags during compilation). I hope that there is some reasonable explanation for the decision you have made.

It seems to me that (for “python2+3 in the binaries”) “python3” behaves better than “python2”. Maybe if you try to build the current “v6-22-00-patches” branch and enforce a “python3” only built then you will get something usable.

My program still uses python 2 (I know, I know…). Also, the unresolved bug https://sft.its.cern.ch/jira/browse/ROOT-10826 is claimed to affect both python 2 and python 3. The main problem is, however, that with this broken release, I may soon face a number of people coming to me and telling me that my program doesn’t work, the real reason being that they’ve upgraded to ROOT 6.22 having little chance to know that PyROOT there is broken. Yes, I can deal with it, they can recompile, etc. But wouldn’t it be better not to release a broken release, or if for some reason you need to, write a warning next to the main download link? Would save many people a lot of trouble…

Dear @LeWhoo ,

Apologies for this temporary bug, fixing it is one of our top priorities for 6.22/02.

Thank you! That is uplifting.

@LeWhoo You might try to use (hopefully, all newly introduced bugs will be absent then):
-Dpyroot_legacy=ON -DPYTHON_EXECUTABLE=/path/to/your/python_2_executable

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