Prevent info message when file is created

Dear, I’m running a script that loops over histograms and prints these as eps file

Every time a eps is created, the terminal window is put in the background and a message saying:

Info in TCanvas::Print: eps file has been created

shows up. is there a way to generate the eps files, without this happening?


You can follow the same advice as the one given here:

Hi! Thanks a lot for your reply, so this will prevent the message to appear, but is there a way to prevent the canvas to pop up? This is actually the main issue, every time a file is generated in the loop, any activity in the computer is interrupted (e.g when you typing something) because of the canvas.

So I was wondering if there is a way to generate all these files in the background. Many thanks

You can add this line at the beginning of your macro:


or you can run ROOT and your macro in batch mode without graphics, from the terminal:

root -l -b -q "mymacro.C"

Thank you very much for the solution !!!