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My guess the reason for the troubles is eliminating one of the WIN32 thread within GDK implementation. It is hard to resolve without re-introducing it.
You may fix it in one place but it may have poped up elsewhere.

Hi Valeri,
I do not see a difference in the “behaviour” between
win32gdk and unix version in this aspect.
Handling TCanvas gui events without TApplication::Run call
is possible under win32 because TCanvas GUI elements
are implemented with Win32Api but not with TGxxx classes.
I do not think that introducing extra thread might help.
BTW, is it possible under Qt version :wink:?

Regards. Valeriy

That’s certainly true.

I ready mentioned this matter yesterday replying roottalk post.
However on UNIX you show compare (ROOT + X-server) .
Under Windows there is no separate process like “X-server”.

Thank you

BTW, is it possible under Qt version :wink:?

I think it is possible I did not try yet :slight_smile: