Only display errors and name/values of parameters in a fit

Hello, I tried to use TPaveStats::SetOptFit in order to display only the errors (e=1) and the name/values of parameters (v=1).
In the doc, it is written

[quote]The type of information about fit parameters printed in the histogram statistics box can be selected via the parameter mode. The parameter mode can be = pcev (default = 0111)

  p = 1;  print Probability
  c = 1;  print Chisquare/Number of degrees of freedom
  e = 1;  print errors (if e=1, v must be 1)
  v = 1;  print name/values of parameters[/quote]

So I tried to fo


However, it does not work since it displays only the name/values of parameters (wihtout the errors).
If I do


it displays fine the values with the errors bu it displays also the probability (this is the correct behaviour).

So is it possible to set only the values of e and v to 1?

Hmm; I got what I want if I type


Is it normal?

:bulb: :arrow_right: Try: gStyle->SetOptFit(0013); :mrgreen:

root [0] 0011
(const int)9
root [1] 0012
(const int)10
root [2] 0013
(const int)11
root [3] 11
(const int)11

Hmmm; really weird. Do you have any explanation? If not, maybe I should open a bug report.
It is quite counterintuitive…

Search for “octal” in the “ -> Tutorials -> C++ Language -> Constants” web page. :wink:
BTW. You might also search for “octal” in the TPaveStats and TStyle class descriptions. :mrgreen:

Of course, you are right. I never use this notation.
So the best way to do what I wanted is to type