News about ongoing works on Windows?

ROOT Version: 6.14/06
Platform: Windows 10.0.16299.XXXX
Compiler: Visual Studio v15.7.6

Dear developers,

I would like to know if you have some news about the ongoing works on Windows 10.

First, do you have a solution to the dependency on Visual Studio, see ROOT 5 vs 6 on Windows: dependency on Visual Studio?

It seems that the problem mentioned in Windows ROOT problem might be related to the specific OS build of Windows 10, see Do you know if this problem was fixed with Visual Studio 2019?

I am also interested in any news about PyROOT for Windows:

Best regards,



Not yet, unfortunately

The problem is that one has to use the same version of the Windows 10 SDK than the one used to build ROOT. And this is still not fixed

PyROOT still doesn’t work on Windows. And the current PyROOT will never work. Only the currently experimental version of pyroot based on cppyy will work at some point (there are still several patches needed to have it working)

Cheers, Bertrand.

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note that if your end game is to be able to use python to play with ROOT files on Windows, you could consider uproot (a pure Python module that reads/writes ROOT files).

or groot (same thing but pure-Go).

they both work on Windows (32b/64b).

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I would recommend the following alternatives instead:

  • the Linux Subsystem for Windows works well with ROOT.
  • use a VM or Docker image - also works flawlessly.

Let us know if you want help with any of these two options!


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