Loading mixtures of mixtures from GDML in TGeoManager

Hi All,

I am trying to load some material properties from a GDML file using TGeoManager::Import(). In this file (attached, with the extension changed to “.C”) I am trying to make a material from a mixture of materials, some of which are also mixtures, themselves. Loading the file throws no errors indicating an inability to read the materials, but when I execute a Dump() on the Scintillator material, there is only one element present. I would like to be able to find what “sub-mixtures” the mixture is made of, so that I can browse their elements. Is there a way to do this? or is this functionality just not implemented?

Note: the reason that I am trying to do this is the apparent lack of support for the GDML tag in root versions before 5.28. Suggestions for workarounds are appreciated.
IsotopeTest.C (1.87 KB)


This is fixed in the trunk. Thanks for reporting.
To print info about mixtures, you can do: