Linux command nohup and Root

Hi all,
I have the necessity of closer the shell without closer Root.
If I use the linux command nohup, I write in the shell:

nohup root

and I close the shell, I obtain in the nohup.out file the result:

Error in <RootX11IOErrorHandler>: fatal X11 error (connection to server lost?!)

**** Save data and exit application ****

How can I do?

Try nohup root -b. By the way, screen is far more powerful than nohup.

Hi Axel,
I have tried but Root is closed and I don’t obtain error messages in the file nohup.out.
Perhaps the problem is that the computer where Root is intalled is a farm and I am connected by means of an other computer… Is it possible?

it might be that ROOT needs to access a real terminal, and stops execution if the terminal is blocked (which is the case for nohup, if I remember correctly). Did you try screen?

$ cat /tmp/ /tmp/

/tmp/ &
sleep 5


echo "test"

kill -HUP $

Try using this command and try or check linux command below