Line attributes in lego1 & lego2

Patch applied. Let me know if ok.

Your last mods generate a big bug in surface plotting.
See the result of the SURF3 option in the attached plot.
Can you fix that please ?
sg35.pdf (152 KB)

the way to reproduce it is:

TH2D * histo = new TH2D ("histo","histo",20,-5.,5.,20,-5.,5.) ;
histo->FillRandom("gaus",1000) ;
histo->SetStats(kFALSE) ;
histo->SetFillColor(kRed) ;
histo->SetLineColor(kBlack) ;

Ok, now fixed.

Actually I could not reproduce your problem: the 2D col plane always lies above the 3D plot in my case (your example and all the plots provided above).
But if you managed to fix it in your case, everything’s fine.
Note that the change made (I never touched this part!) should be corrected though. A semicolon rather than a comma (between the assignments) would be better I reckon (see lines 114 & 198).

You are right. Now changed.

Hi Olivier,

I’m a bit disappointed these changes
(and others [url]TH1::Integral(“width”) in TPaveStats (statbox) & [url]No shadow in lego1
did not get implemented in the last ROOT patch release (v5-34-09)
(I’m very happy they got commited to the trunk though).
Should I provide the corresponding patches against the head of the “v5-34-00-patches” branch
to see them included in the next patch release (v5-34-10)?



Here we go (diff against heads/v5-34-00-patches@v5-34-09-10-g2ed83fa)
It holds for the 3 posts abovementioned (attline for lego & surf, lego4 and TH1::Integral(“width”) in TPaveStats) since all bring in THistPainter.cxx.
Checks passed using the different test macros provided.
patch6.tgz (8.3 KB)

Please note patch6.tgz is a terrible name since it is not meant for the master branch.
It should be read patch-v5-34-00-patches.tgz.
The names inside the archive are properly named.

FYI, the input file used to generate system.rootrc is:


The patch in now applied.

[quote]The patch in now applied.[/quote] Thx Olivier.

[quote]FYI, the input file used to generate system.rootrc is:$ROOTSYS/config/[/quote]So that’s why $ROOTSYS/etc/system.rootrc was not under version control… :wink:


Hi again,

Among the 5 files provided above, 3 are still different between v5-99 (master branch) & v5-34-00-patches

  • (see patch below for v5-99)
  • TPainter3dAlgorithms.cxx (mainly white spaces)
  • THistPainter.cxx (doc, “minor” changes & white spaces)
    For the two latter almost none of the changes seems related to ROOT6.
    So it may be worth keeping these files as close as possible.

Z (1.74 KB)
TPainter3dAlgorithms.cxx.5-99vs5-34-00-patches.diff (1.1 KB)
THistPainter.cxx.5-99vs5-34-00-patches.diff (9.94 KB)

so the patch on is for ROOT 6 ?
and the 2 others for 5.34 ?

right ?

can you send proper diff ?
The one you sent do not work:

imaccouet:src couet$ patch TPainter3dAlgorithms.cxx < ~/Downloads/TPainter3dAlgorithms.cxx.5-99vs5-34-00-patches.diff
patching file TPainter3dAlgorithms.cxx
Reversed (or previously applied) patch detected!  Assume -R? [n] 
Apply anyway? [n] n
Skipping patch.
9 out of 9 hunks ignored -- saving rejects to file TPainter3dAlgorithms.cxx.rej

[quote]so the patch on is for ROOT 6 ?[/quote]Yes

[quote]and the 2 others for 5.34 ?[/quote]Nope, these are just the current differences between 5.34 and 5.99 i.e. all the changes you recently commited to the master branch omitting the 5.34 branch.
The question is: can these changes be backported to 5.34?
If you can insure me there are no ROOT6 features (e.g. R__SUNCCBUG in TPainter3dAlgorithms.cxx) and no extra dependence with whatever in your recent changes (please check the diff files provided above), I can provide the corresponding patch.


the diffs show only C++ diff which should fine in both versions (even that SUNCC thing).
I agree with you that it would be better to have the same code in both versions.

So here’s the patch for the branch 5.34.00-patches.
This amounts to overwrite 5.34.00-patches files by 5.99-patches files.
Test macros

All in place. Thanks.