Latest bunch of root header syntax errors sill showing up

This is only a quick-fix hiding the real problem. You should NOT have to copy any of those files. You should not any have any ROOT header files in your work directory, they should all come from the (unique) copy in the ROOT installation folder/directory. (Using a copy to hide the fact that the compilation was missing -I directive now or at some point in the past, will only cause you head-aches in the future when you need to upgrade your ROOT version (because you would then have to remember to copy the new files again or might get strange error like you have seen)

I do not have a home/neera/root/include/ROOT/ directory

This is what I have in my root directory:

neera@vm-nii-fc27-a ~/root]$ ls
AFTERIMAGE-prefix config graf3d LGPL2_1.txt montecarlo ROOTConfig.cmake test
bin core gui lib net ROOTConfig-targets.cmake tmva
bindings CPackConfig.cmake hist LICENSE proof ROOTConfig-version.cmake tree
build CPackSourceConfig.cmake html LICENSE.txt README root-help.el tutorials
builtins CTestCustom.cmake icons macros RootMacros.cmake VDT-prefix
CMakeCache.txt etc include main RootTestDriver.cmake
CMakeCPackOptions.cmake fonts installtree Makefile ROOTUseFile.cmake
CMakeFiles geom interpreter man RGitCommit.h.tmp rootx
cmake_install.cmake ginclude io math roofit sql
compile_commands.json graf2d js misc root-6.26.10 TBB-prefix

This looks like the ROOT build directory.
What was the “cmake” command line that you used to configure it?

See: ROOT → Install

I believe I installed root from source using these set of commands, as yum install root didn’t work for me:

I used Installing ROOT - ROOT

after I downloaded all the dependencies. Did I miss something?

In these instructions, ROOT is downloaded into “root_src”, build in “root_build” and installed into “root_install” directory. I don’t see “root_install” in your “make*log*” files.

i do have a root source directory, called root-6.26.10. The root build directory is called root-6.26.10-build. the Install directory is supposed to be created by cmake. I guess everything is messed up because I did not install root from the admin privilege. I can reinstall it and who knows, the binary method might work.

What would be the best course of action and the least time consuming, please?

In these instructions, the install directory is explicitly defined by: “-DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=../root_install

See also: Building ROOT from source → Quick start

Thanks Wile. I will patiently work my way through a week later, as I am headed out for field trip next week. At least the fourm is active, so I will update you when things work.

Do I delete all existing copies that are non-functional ?

Yes, remove everything before trying again from scratch.

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