Is there a way to generate or update the default particle list found under $ROOTSYS/etc/pdg_table.txt?

Dear Experts,

I am currently trying to match some simulation output with PDG information. In order to achieve this I made use of the TDatabasePDG.cxx functionalities, however, I found out that the information encoded in the default version of the input to this class is quite outdated, if compared to the now published PDG values of widths, lifetimes of particles. One example is eta (associated with the PDG code 221), extracting the width/lifetime with the appropriate function calls Width()/Lifetime() returns as result a value of 0. While the Lifetime should be around 1.18 keV according to the available PDG-2019 ressources.

In order to resolve this issue I would have to update the information of the particles I try to match by hand, however I would need to do this for O(100) cases. I am aware that the class offers functions to modify existing particle entries but I would like to know if there is an up-to-date pdg_table.txt which includes the newest information on all known particles? This would save me a considerable amount of time.

Thank you very much in advance!

See Differences in PDG Library of branching fractions and actual PDG

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Thank you very much!! Sry I didn’t find this by myself I will search more carefully in the future if there is already an existing issue.