Integral() complexity

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I was wondering about the complexity of the Integral(bmin,bmax) function and I did not find this information.




Can you please tell us more about your problem ? On which Integral , of histograms or functions (TF1) ?



Integral on histograms. if N is the number of subdision what is the complexity of this integral? (O(N)?).


Can it be that you want TH1::IntegralAndError

Thank you very much for your answer it is near what I wanted to know.
Actually more precisely I am looking for a more theoretical explanation of the implementation of the histogram integral. For example, if N is the number of points, is the complexity in O(N), O(Nlog(N)), O(N^2) or something else ? And is the error in O(1/N), O(1/N^2) or something else ? More fundamentally if I cannot have this information, can I know the method used to compute the integral ? (Is it a Simpson method, a rectangle method, a trapezoid method, or a mix of them to optimize the computation).

It would be useful to decide if I am going to choose this method of Integration because I don’t know a priori the function I am going to compute. So, the IntegralandError topic will be useful a posteriori.



Read the TH1::IntegralAndError method description.

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