Hi All,

I would like to know of there’s a nice IDE for ROOT? Until now I work with Gedit, but I wonder if there’s something more interactive, completing functions etc, like for Python there’s Atom for example.

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

Try geany


Eclipse/CDT is a pretty good C++ IDE.


I am using KDevelop from I prefer it over Eclipse because it feels more lightweight to me. Since version 5, it uses clang under the hood for syntax checking and completion. If you put your $ROOTSYS/include path in the file ~/.kdev_include_paths, KDevelop will find all ROOT includes for any cpp file in your home directory or below (beware: if you are using the extension .C, then please change settings so that .C is parsed as C++, not as C).

And if you are using cmake, you can simply open the CMakeLists.txt file and compile/run/debug/git-commit from within KDevelop.

I am using the Linux version and have no idea if Windows&Mac versions are usable for production.

In Eclipse I was annoyed with all the project settings, it seems to heavy to me if you just want to write a plotting script.

That said, Eclipse+CDT is of course an excellent choice! Definitively use an IDE with syntax completion and C++ checking!

If you know vim, you might try YouCompleteMe. It is based on clang, and has excellent code completion and warning/error highlighting (basically like Xcode on mac). It takes a while to setup though. But with YCM, I find it actually more pleasant to write .C scripts than .py scripts :slight_smile:.

Check out how to setup QtCreator IDE to build and debug ROOT scripts here: