How to install MathMore

Hi, I would need MathMore to be compiled but even with the option --enable-mathmore it is not compiled, nor can the --all option fix it:

Checking for gsl-config …
Result: not found
Checking whether to build libMathMore
Result: no

I am trying to install the Mars version 5.34.36 on my laptop (Mac OS X 10.11.6, el Capitan)

Any idea?


mathmore is enabled by default with CMake, the official ROOT build system.


The option for mathmore depends on you having GSL installed on your system or using the builtin version of GSL. If you are not using the CMake build system, it’s recommended that you install GSL with homebrew or similar prior to installing ROOT. Also, unless you really must use an old version of ROOT, it is recommended that you switch to the latest releases, which you can download in binary form for Mac from the website.

Hi! Many thanks for the answer. I am kinf od ‘forced’ to use this root version. I installed gsl through homebrew but still see in the config file that root doesn’t find the gsl libraries
Checking for gsl/gsl_version.h in directory /opt/gsl/include
Checking for gsl-config …
Result: not found

So I guess I will have to change somewhere the directory where root is looking for gsl?


You must configure and build your ROOT 5 completely from scratch again.

You may need to add the path to gsl-config to your $PATH if GSL is not installed into a standard location.

Hi! Yes I guess this is what I would need to do, i.e., add the Path to the gls-config file. Where can I find the gls-config file then?


The path to gsl-config should be inside the directory where you installed GSL on your computer. Probably under /usr/local/bin or similar location where homebrew would have it installed.

Ok so I know the directory where gsl was installed by homebrew but what I don’t understand is how to tell root where to look for it? by the way having El Capitan, homebrew told me to install gsllang but looking into the directory I can’t find the gsl-configure file. But maybe I just misunderstood what you mean?

Thanks again for the help!

You can tell ROOT by passing -DGSL_CONFIG_EXECUTABLE=<path to gsl-config> to CMake. Sorry for the misinterpretation. If you don’t have the gsl-config script, you may need to install an extra package, like gsl-dev or similar. I’m not too familiar with homebrew, so I don’t know the exact name of the package.


in the end I downloaded the latest gls version which I downloaded from the gnu webpage. I installed it directly in the directory where root is expecting to find it and checking the config.log now root finds the GLS library and therefore allows the installation of MathMore. Homebrew instead alloes me only to install glslang but in a differente directory which then I dod not manage to tell root to look at.

Thanks for the suggestions anyway

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