How to debug ROOT?

Dear ROOTers

How do I debug ROOT?

I cannot find any documentation on how to debug ROOT. There is no information in the Users_Guide.pdf. I have read INSTALL and BUILDSYSTEM, but did not find them helfulp.

At the moment I have compiled root_5.28/00 for Snow Leopard as follows:

./configure macosx64 --build=debug
. bin/

Then I have compiled my library “” and started a macro, but I did not get any debug information.

Thus I have set the file “system.rootrc” to “Root.Debug: 10”.
Now, when starting root I get the following error:

Info in <TROOT::InitSystem>: running with gDebug = 10
Info in <GetDict>: searches for HepMC::GenVertex
Info in <TMapTypeToClassRec::Print>: printing the typeinfo map in TClassTable
Key: 8TAttText
  class: TAttText 1
Key: 15TContextMenuImp

 *** Break *** segmentation violation

Do you know what the reason of this error is?
Where do I find the different debug levels for gDebug?

The reason that I need to debug ROOT is that the new production version has a severe problem with “tree-Write()”!
When I run my library “” from within ROOT then everything seeems to be ok. However, when I run “xps” from within “R” as my Bioconductor package “xps”, then it crashes R when I call “tree-Write()”. (The current version of my “xps” package runs fine with root_5.27/04, which is installed on all Bioconductor servers, and which the users of my package need to install, too.)

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Hi Christian,

You best bet in mac to debug, is simply to use gdb, for example you can do:[code]
gdb root.exe

run -b -l
root [0] .x something.C
… will print the backtrace …
[/code] or even gdb root.exe break main run -b -l root [0] gDebug = 3; root [1] .x something.



The crash you saw on MacOS when setting Root.Debug is fixed by revision 37702.


Dear Philippe,

Meanwhile I could start root in debug mode by setting the file “system.rootrc” to “Root.Debug: 1”.

However, my question remains:
Where do I find the different debug levels for gDebug?

Regarding your answer I am afraid that you have misunderstood my question. But it is probably
better to start a new topic for this problem: Problem with TTree::Write() with root_5.28/00

Best regards

[quote]Where do I find the different debug levels for gDebug?[/quote]There is no formal listing. The best bet is start increasing the value progressively. In your case 3 ought to be a good start.

[quote]Problem with TTree::Write() with root_5.28/00[/quote]I have no clue :slight_smile:. It works for all the test we have but you might have found a new issue, please investigate and/or send me the shortest possible running example showing the problem.


Dear Philippe,

I am afraid that once again it will not be possible to create a simple example, since
1, it has to be a package running within R
2, I have already created a short package running within R, but it did work fine

Could you please try at least to answer the two questions at:

Best regards