How to analyse data from pythia8

I am totally new in this field. I am just trying to get a broader picture about pythia 8. I know it generates events and i can generate different processes using pythia8. But i don’t know how to analyse those data.

Could someone help me with some broader picture?

I know ROOT very well. So how to use ROOT to analyse those data?

Thank you in advance.

Have a look at the examples/ folder in the pythia source distribution, does that help?

You should probably also talk to your supervisor to understand how to interpret the pythia samples - we cannot really fill that role here…

Cheers, Axel

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another useful piece of information is to have a look to other posts on this forum such as this one, where Pythia events are generated and analysed in parallel with TDataFrame Error in <TTree::Branch>: The pointer specified for event is not of a class known to ROOT


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Hi Buddhadeb,

glad you like the post. We believe TDataFrame is a powerful tool to generate and persistify large datasets in parallel. Let us know how it goes.


Thanks a lot.
I solved the problem the way i wanted by using pythia8 as a plugin to root.
following this link


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