How can the minimum visible histogram axis tickmark be set?

How can the minimum visible tickmark of a histogram axis be set? A TGaxis object has the function SetWmin, but I’m not sure about the functionality for a TAxis.

For context, I’ve got one pad that has multiple histograms overlaid and another pad below that has a ratio plot. The lowest tickmark number of the overlaid histograms gets obscured partially by the ratio plot. I want to remove this lowest tickmark number.

[Axis labels overlapped by pad
[Ratio plot
[Two Histograms Sharing Same X-Axis

Making the bottom pad transparent is surely the easiest (as said here): … .html#9232

Thanks for the suggestions. It seems to be an awkward problem. The best solution I’ve got now (though not a perfect one) is to make the lower pad transparent, which I am doing in the following way:

pad2.SetFillStyle(4000) pad2.SetFillColor(0) pad2.SetFrameFillStyle(4000)

This approach was prompted by the following information: