Histogram pattern

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I need your help in understanding the style of histogram. It look like a filled histogram. I want to explain in a brief,
I recently performed an experiment. The data is in .dat format with two columns. Column 1 (say X) is the channel numbers, and 2nd (say Y) are the counts. I can plot the dat file using TGraph or even in any graphical software. But, I love to learn root. I have generated root file using two basic examples (basic.C / basic2.C). Which in principle are the examples of Tree.

The code I am using is attached herewith. When it generate the root file, I can see the histograph (h1) but it looks like a filled with blue color. Please have a look (h1). I want a clean histogram. Is there any way. I will be highly obliged for your help.
With this mail, please find 2nd round data file in dat format(compressed), code I used to create root file and a root file.

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13MeV-Ge-19-03-2020.dat.tar.gz (24.8 KB)
hist.C (374 Bytes) 1.root (48.8 KB)

I think you want to see y vs x, right ?

in that case the Draw command should be:


See the help of TTree::Draw.

This command gives me the following plot:

@couet The first two data points should be skipped (see the macro in my previous post).

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