Error while compiling ROOT 6.04.18 on Ubuntu 16.04

I was told to use older more stable version and not the newest, so I went for 6.04, but you are right last night I tried 6.06/06 with this Pepe’s procedure : Memory leak in ROOT::Math::IntegratorMultiDim and it worked.
And at the end I could not run root with command root in terminal, and command
source ${HOME}/ROOT/v6-06-06/bin/
works only until current terminal is closed so I added that to my ~/.bashrc file and it’s ok now.
Thanks for your response.

[quote=“mato”]The ROOT branch 6.04.xx does not support GSL version >= 2.0. Is there are reason for you not to migrate to 6.06.XX, which supports more recent versions of GSL?