Error : Dictionary generation failed!

Hi my name is Alberto, i study physics and my professors suggested me to install this program but i have a problem. I wrote a program, called “lampadina”, but when i try to run it the terminal gives me this error (in the file there is the picture) . Anyone can help me? Thanks

Dear Alberto,

it seems that the path where the library is created cannot be accessed. I wonder if you could try a path without spaces in it.
As a side note, for increasing understandability of your posts I would move the language of the system to English.


Hi dpiparo, i will move the cmd to english as soon as possible but i have not understood what i have to do. Thanks

Make sure that the full path name (where you work) has no space characters inside (e.g. no “Alberto Paniate”).

Hi, thanks for the answer
I have changed the name in the path as in the photo.

But when I try to run a program, it gives me this error



I think that what we both suggested is not to change the environment variable PATH but rather change the directory from where you are running Lampadina so that the path to that file does not contain a space…


Ok, thanks I have changed it but there is a new error:


how is the macro function called? Perhaps you’d like to have a look to … ompilation .


… and many more …

Ok, thanks but I have not understood what I have to do with the command prompt of visual studio . I have installed root in another directory