Error compiling root 6.24 on Mac OS Big Sur

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_ROOT Version: 6.24
_Platform: MacOS Big Sur 11.2.3
_Compiler: clang 12 (Xcode 12.4)


First I successfully installed the latest root on my macbook pro from binaries and it was working but it seemed pyroot is not included or at least within python (both 2.7 and 3) the root module is not to be found. Am I wrong?
Next I decided to tra installation from source. I followed the instructions: I got the source code, I got cmake, configured (OK) and started compiling. After about 90’ and halfway through I get this compilation error which seems pretty basic.
I’m not using any specific option, just plain installation.

Thank you so much for your help


May I suggest to install ROOT with Conda?

Otherwise, if you install from binaries please make sure you run source $YOUR_ROOT_INSTALL_DIR/bin/ so that PYTHONPATH is configured and ROOT can be imported from Python.

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For the record, this is another occurrence of V6.22.00 build error on MacOS