Debug DLLs report massive memory leaks on exit

I have recently moved from cern 5.22/0 and visual studio 2003 to 5.34/1 and visual studio 2010. I am using the root_v5.34.win32.vc10 binaries (both release and debug)

I have two uses, both involve building DLLs: In the first case I put all my user code into a dll and then from within the root console, I use gSystem->Load(“myanalysis.dll”) and make use of it the classes in the library. In the second case, I create a different dll that a second program calls into directly (this dll calls gROOT->SetBatch() in the ctor)

After making a small number of changes to the project and source file, both of these dlls appear to work fine. However, when I run either of my .DLLs in the debugger, I get several 100k lines of output in the Output window of Visual Studio - even if I never call any of the code in those librares - simply load them. Most of the leaks are 10s of bytes, but lease one leak is >40k bytes.

IS this normal (>150k leaked blocks!)Can you help me figure out what is going on? Thank you

ROOT is known to cause leak logs in VS, see [url]Issue with Root on Windows and TMessage (debug vs release) and the following posts. I’ve also experienced 100k line memory leak logs in VS while using ROOT.