Constructing a function with imaginary numbers

Dear all,
I have a function that contains both real and imaginary part. For example y = a + _i_b. How can I construct such function using TF1 class?

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You could map that into a 2d function, TF2.

@axel It seems to me the (s)he wants a function which returns a complex number.

That’s two TF2s, one for the real and one for the imaginary parts.

@moneta do we have a nicer way?

Yes, this what I want. Construct a function that can return a complex number.

You can write a simple standard C++ function which will use and return e.g. a std::complex<double> but you cannot “encapsulate” it into any ROOT “TF” object.

Eight years ago, @moneta wrote

I had a look on JIRA but I did not find any ticket asking for such feature. Maybe, it is time to open one in order to keep a track of this need.

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