Cin cout crashed my self-compiled ROOT V6.16

Try to use cmake-gui!

Last times I used cmake-gui. Here is the copy of the setting. I know this will waste a lot of your time. So thank you very much!

Best Wishes!

And I will try “git config core.autocrlf” setting.

OK, so the important part here is the Current Generator (on the bottom line), which is set as Visual Studio 2019, which seems just fine. So I don’t understand why, in you log file, you have:

NMAKE : fatal error U1077: ¡°"C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio\2019\Enterprise\VC\Tools\MSVC\14.20.27508\bin\HostX64\x86\cl.EXE"¡±: return code¡°0x2¡± [D:\ROOTV617-Build-Debug2\graf2d\win32gdk\glib.vcxproj]

Anyway, I think I can reproduce the problem. What you can do for now (until we fix it) is to manually copy all the pcm files from the lib directory to the bin directory (in your install location)

Thank you very much!
You have helped me a lot. Please accept my sincere respect!


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Thank you! And I’ll tell you once the problem is fixed!

Cheers, Bertrand.

It is a shame :stuck_out_tongue: to trouble you again.
The ERROR message is still there even after I copy all of the pcm files into the $ROOTSYS$\bin directory.

PS D:\ROOTV617> thisroot.bat
PS D:\ROOTV617> root -l
Error in <TCling::RegisterModule>: cannot find dictionary module libMathCore_rdict.pcm
root [0] .demo
Error in <TCling::RegisterModule>: cannot find dictionary module libMatrix_rdict.pcm
Error in <TCling::RegisterModule>: cannot find dictionary module libHist_rdict.pcm
Error in <TCling::RegisterModule>: cannot find dictionary module libGraf_rdict.pcm
Error in <TCling::RegisterModule>: cannot find dictionary module libGpad_rdict.pcm
Error in <TCling::RegisterModule>: cannot find dictionary module libWin32gdk_rdict.pcm
Error in <TCling::RegisterModule>: cannot find dictionary module libGui_rdict.pcm
root [1]

I guess it maybe due to the Chinese OS.:worried:

Thank you!

No, I don’t think so. Could you also copy the .rootmap files from lib to bin?

I am sorry!
The method that copy the *pcm files to bin works.
I made a mistake, I do not run the ROOT in the right directory.
I got several ROOT directories for different build settings.:joy:

Thank you!
Best Wishes!

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Dear Bertrand,
Here is a new ‘error’ while quit out (after called a macro, such as the first .demo “Help Demos”) of the ROOTv617:

root [0] .demo
root [1] .q
Assertion failed: content[posOpenCurly] == '{' && "No curly at claimed position of opening curly!", file D:\ROOTV617\interpreter\cling\lib\MetaProcessor\MetaProcessor.cpp, line 431

I think this error is not very serious, because it’s not crash the ROOT. However, I want to report it to you.

Best Wishes!

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