Cannot open shared library

I am trying to run simIris code in my linux but facing this error. simIris code is written by my seniors during their PhD.
Error in TCling::RegisterModule: Cannot open shared library /home/nikhil/Packages/simIris/bin/simIris for dictionary SimEventDict:
/home/nikhil/Packages/simIris/bin/simIris: cannot dynamically load position-independent executable

Could you guys please tell me if it’s an issue with ROOT or with simIris codes.

_ROOT Version: 6.23/01
_Platform: Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS
Compiler: Not Provided

Hi @nikhil_bhathi! Can you explain a bit more about structure of SimEvent? Do you have an executable named simIris and you use the same name as for a library?

Hello @oshadura I am very new to simIris code, ROOT and Linux.
The codes are available online here GitHub - iris-triumf/simIris: Simulation tool for the IRIS experiment @ TRIUMF
I am very sorry, I know this is not professional at all but I just don’t know much about this.

@nikhil_bhathi can you post here full error stack trace?

here is my terminal screen.
terminalscreen.txt (11.8 KB) .

@oshadura I am facing the same error “can not open shared library” in another program codes.
Do you know what this could be?

Perhaps you need ROOT v5 for this code?