Calling custom classes in ROOT 6

Hi all,
I have some custom classes with the proper dictionary linked in the library lib/libmAIDA.dylib (I also put the PCM dict file in the lib directory).
when I load the library in ROOT (v6-02-00-rc1, library compiled with same version) with the following short program:

void testmacro()
  mAIDA::Lepton x;
  cout << x.four_vector().Px() << endl;

I get the following output:

root [0] 
Processing testmacro.C...
In file included from input_line_21:1:
/Users/ddavis/ATLAS/mAIDA/testmacro.C:3:3: error: 'mAIDA' is not a class, namespace, or scoped enumeration
  mAIDA::Lepton x;
/Users/ddavis/ATLAS/mAIDA/testmacro.C:3:3: note: 'mAIDA' declared here

The following PyROOT code does work:

import ROOT
from ROOT import mAIDA

x = mAIDA.Lepton()
print x.four_vector().Px()

And correctly prints the expected output.

I have no issues running the same macro with v5-34-19. Are custom classes not yet supported with ROOT 6?

ROOT Version 6.00/00 Release Notes -> Cling vs CINT -> Using symbols that are only available at runtime: load libFoo; foo()
ROOT Version 6.00/00 Release Notes -> Cling vs CINT -> Using identifiers that are only available at runtime: gROOT->LoadMacro(“foo.h”); foo()


this should not happen if a rootmap are available for the classes in libmAIDA.
Could you check if you have a libmAIDA.rootmap (or similar: it depends on the name your build system has for the dictionary) in your lib directory?
If not, make this test and tell us what happens:
o Create a file called libmAIDA.rootmap in the directory from which you invoke ROOT or in the lib directory
o Put inside this content

{ decls }

[ libmAIDA.dylib ]
namespace mAIDA
class mAIDA::Lepton
header TheNameOfTheHeaderWhere mAIDA::Lepton IsDefined

(the last line need an action of course)
o Remove from your macro the gStstem->Load call. It’s not needed.
o (Optional) include upfront the header where mAIDA::Lepton is defined