C++ Library for Nuclear Data


I am looking for C++ library that I can get various nuclear data. I have found lots of old codes, but I thought I would ask here to see if anyone has any recommendations. :smiley:

It would be nice to have something like TDatabasePDG that included some Nuclear data.
See number 14 in pdg.lbl.gov/2007/reviews/montecarlorpp.pdf
Would this just involve reading in a different (and much longer) data file?


I have since noticed some incompleteness in the PDG particle codes
[url]TParticlePDG and TDatabasePDG

This is a partial answer. There was a project that was never completed to include into ROOT the complete nuclear data from ENDL for neutron cross section < 20MeV. The project was called TNudy :wink:, but it did not go very far for lack of manpower. Some code is there. It can read all the ENDL files and put them in classes and I can write them, but not much more. The plan was much more ambitious, that is to introduce sampling routines for secondary distributions (angular and energy) and plotting routines. Moreover there was an idea to propose this as a new format for nuclear data (goo.gl/8bWUi). There is a host of codes to go from ENDL code to point-like cross sections (NJOY and PREPRO) but these are in FORTRAN producing fixed format outputs. It would be very nice to produce an independent set of cross sections and correlated routines. The project was supposed to be run with a Korean university, but then money ran out. I can still dig the code, but it is not very useful at the moment. Best regards, Federico Carminati

Thanks for your reply.
I was looking for an easy way to get static properties of nuclei.