Automatic color picking from multiple (several) color maps (palettes)

Let’s say, I would like to plot 1D-sections of 2 2D-histograms.
Now, when ROOT has automatic colour picking (PLC, PMC ETC), I’ve decided to plot the sections with kDeepSea palette for the first histogram and kAvocado palette for the second one.
But I’ve discovered, that changing palette in between of SAME series of plots does not have the desired effect, all the histograms are drawn with the last selected palette!

Is it possible to do what I want to do without manual color picking?

ROOT has only only palette active (current palette). To have several palettes in the same
picture you can follow what is done here using TExec. I never tried with the automatic colouring though.

TExec doesn’t work.
All the histograms, even those drawn before TExec, are drawn with the palette selected by TExec.

Yes I am not surprised. These options hold the color setting until the pad is painted. The color is taken at painting time from the current palette … and there is only one.

Can you anyway post some example showing what you are doing ? I will have a look and see if some can be done …

No need, I will use the method from the first message in Draw multiple graphs/histograms with automatic color palette marker/line colors

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