3D histogram black outline removal?

I am trying to remove the black outline around a 3d histogram. That includes the x,y,z axes and also the other lines required to enclose the histogram in a cuboid.

I have been able to turn the axes white but I cannot seem to access the other lines. The attached file shows what I mean. (There are no actual points plotted, what I want to do is just to draw that object and have only blank white surrounding it).

Does anyone know what I should do?


this post may be useful: [How to hide/remove TFrame from TF2


Ah I had seen that already and hadn’t been able to make it happen for me.

ok. How did you produce the plot?

   TCanvas *C = new TCanvas();
   TH3D *foo3 = new TH3D("test3d","foo",10,0,1,10,0,1,10,0,1);


   foo3->Draw(" BOX FB BB A");