2D plot draw command using 2 1D histograms


I have two 1D histograms in a macro. I want to make a 2D histogram using these 1D histograms by taking h1 on the x-axis and h2 on the y-axis.
How would I do this.

Your question is not very clear.
I guess you want the X and Y axis of the 2D histograms equal to h1 Axis et H2 X axis.
You have all the getters in the TH1 class to retrieve these values …
But then what a out the bin contents ? …

You can not do that. Start with the values (x|y) = (0, 1), (1,1), (0, 1). In your head, fill two 1D histograms, and then try to create the 2D histogram that corresponds to the original values and you’ll see why :slight_smile:


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I posted an example of two different 2D histograms that produce similar 1D histograms, demonstrating that this is not possible. I thought it might be relevant / educational here.

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