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Evolution Proposals, Apps & Ideas

Add a new branch to a tree given only a formula (8)
Share my app -- ROOTSCOPE (4)
Adding custom markers (8)
TParameter Units (4)
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Assertion failure in NSUndoManager on macosx (6)
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TTree:Draw (and TTree:Project?) and MakeProxy (1)
TParticle class extension proposal (8)
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Framework to use ROOT NTuples in Tensorflow (1)
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Global variables in ROOT7? (2)
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Oscilloscope class for binary waveforms 16-bit (2)
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Set real aspect ratio of TH2 or TGraph (7)
Crash in root 6.06/06 when using TMultiGraph (6)
Sonification of Histograms (1)
Key value Based storage (2)
More functions with support of bin as a char*, not an int (3)
ROOT7 TDirectory::Find upcast fix (2)
Mixed-Effects? (3)
Linked events (4)
Online viewer for root files (2)
TMVA classifier to tree adder from commandline (3)
More recoverable .root files (2)
GSL array functions (1)
Minor modification to TCutG.cxx for ROOT 6 (6)