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Evolution Proposals, Apps & Ideas

Go-HEP - v0.7: 3 new ROOT related commands (+ eye candy) (1)
Root2yoda with Go-HEP (1)
ROOT files writer with a non-C++ related producer (2)
ROOT7: an opportunity to simplify the file format? (3)
Go-HEP - v0.4: reading ROOT files from Go (and more) (9)
TProfile for TH2Poly (6)
Root r (1)
SLitrani update (15)
Add a new branch to a tree given only a formula (8)
Share my app -- ROOTSCOPE (4)
Adding custom markers (8)
TParameter Units (4)
New Method: TGraph::Interpolate (5)
TTree::Show with Friend Trees (6)
Assertion failure in NSUndoManager on macosx (6)
Automatic TLegend positioning (8)
TTree:Draw (and TTree:Project?) and MakeProxy (1)
TParticle class extension proposal (8)
How can I calculate point spread function? (2)
Framework to use ROOT NTuples in Tensorflow (1)
Influxdb support (2)
Global variables in ROOT7? (2)
ROOT7: an opportunity to change the name (5)
Oscilloscope class for binary waveforms 16-bit (2)
Improvement of XML parsers (2)
Set real aspect ratio of TH2 or TGraph (7)
Crash in root 6.06/06 when using TMultiGraph (6)
Sonification of Histograms (1)
Key value Based storage (2)
More functions with support of bin as a char*, not an int (3)